Independence Day – We will be closed on Thursday, July 4th | On July 3rd, we will be open 5 to 9* pm, with our league bowling as scheduled. (* will stay later if business dictates)Cottontail’s Lounge opening soon at Agawam Bowl! ꙚKing of the Hill 8.09 – Sunday May 19th, 1 pm | Reigning King – Paul LaBarre!Summer Leagues now forming, start week of May 14th, with Tuesday Jukebox Lg, Wednesday and Sunday Lgs. Openings for teams or individuals remain. Substitutes often needed.Junior Program Winter Session runs until May 4th. Will return this Summer. Saturdays at 9 am, come once or come weekly. Fun & Instruction, $8/week.

[Cancelled] King of the Hill 6.07


[Regretfully cancelled this month]

  • $25 entry, 80% handicap, 3 game qualifier, 5 or 6 person single game ladder to meet the top seed in a two string final. The defending King or Queen, has the option to accept the 6th ladder spot, or to try to re-qualify higher (with a $5 entry discount, not reducing the prize pool). Unless s/he re-qualifies 5th or higher, the defending champion will by default be the 6th seed.


We will apply handicap using a composite of the following averages:
A) Agawam Bowl King of the Hill average since the start of season 3 (September, 2018), if *nine* strings or more. We will have this at the event.

**Plus one of the following**
B) Composite of all current and Summer 2021 season averages (minimum *21* strings), rounding down. Summer and Travel/Pro leagues are included. If you do not have all such averages, please supply the highest.
**Or, if B is not applicable**
C) Composite of all season-end post-lock-down league averages (minimum *21* strings), rounding down. Travel/pro leagues are included. If you do not have all such averages, please supply the highest.

**If neither B or C is applicable, an older average will be considered for use by the tournament director**

Your composite average for this event will include A and B *or* C of the above as applicable, averaged together and rounded UP (since league averages and the composites above are rounded down).

Agawam Bowl reserves the right to modify the format or rules as deemed necessary.