Big E advisories

Reminders to our customers and others during the Big E, and year-round:

During the Big E, Agawam Bowl will open on Saturdays and Sundays ONLY for Leagues, Parties and other booked Events. Please visit our Facebook page for any updates about particular days. We will continue regular weekday hours, Monday and Tuesday 5 to 9, Wednesday and Friday 9 am to 10 pm, and Thursday 5 to 10 pm.

We do not offer rest room facilities for non-customers.

Parking In the spots directly in front of Agawam Bowl is limited to Agawam Bowl customers. We will not permit Big E parking, and violators will be towed without further notice.

Likewise, parking directly in front of our neighboring businesses is limited to their customers, and those spaces should not be used without those businesses’ express permission.

Parking in any of the spaces along Walnut St. Ext and Washington St. Ext., as well as those in the middle portion of the neighboring parking lots, is available to customers of any of the nearby businesses, including Agawam Bowl. Parking in any handicapped space by a vehicle with a handicap plate or placard is protected by law, and no person or business may prevent it.

The street behind the Dollar General strip mall has free parking on one side, though it will likely fill up early each day.

Approaching Agawam Bowl during the Big E: It goes without saying that Memorial Ave. or River St. in West Springfield should be avoided if possible. If coming via Rt 57, the Rt 75/Suffield St. exit is typically a better option than Main St, approaching us via Suffield St and either Washington St. Ext. just after passing The Grammacy apartments, or Walnut St. Ext. From other areas, Springfield St. is an option, as is the bridge from West Springfield by the railroad tracks, though if a train is b;locking the tracks it can be a lengthy delay.

Please refer to the attached map showing some traffic changes for the duration of the Big E.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during the fair.

Recreational Bowling for the general public available during most open hours. Some limitations during league or tournament play, parties, or group events.

Regular hours (eff. 9/15/2023)

Saturday & Sunday 12 noon to 9 pm

Monday & Tuesday 5 to 9 pm

Wednesday & Friday 9 am to 10 pm

Thursday 5 to 10 pm

Whether you are a bowling enthusiast or just looking for something fun to do, Agawam Bowl has something for everyone. Spend quality time with friends and family in a casual, relaxed environment.

When was the last time you reconnected with family and friends for a fun filled time? Candlepin bowling is not only a great way to be entertained without spending a fortune – it also brings people together.

• Open bowling for all ages
• 22 candlepin lanes
• 14 lanes with optional bumpers
• Snack bar
• Jukebox and arcade games
• FREE Wi-Fi

Click Here for our Reservation Policy or call 413-786-4108

You can also mail us at agawambowlinfo@gmail.com