Fall Leagues now forming to begin in September. Room for individuals, pairs or full teams. Join for the fun, exercise and season-end prizes, weekly side pools.

Fall leagues begin in September and October

Sunday through Friday nights; Wednesday & Friday daytime!

Summer Leagues begin in May.

Please contact us if you’d like to know more or to sign up.

Fall Leagues typically begin in September; many accept new bowlers and/or teams through the season*

Bring a team, a friend or just yourself. Most leagues have teams of four bowlers, and several are accepting new teams and individuals. Have some fun, meet new people and get some exercise. Scoring is handicapped by ability to make it fair for everyone. Current league lineup:

Please call or visit for more information.
* Some leagues begin on a later date.

DayTimeLeague Name#/team$/wkStart Date
Wed9:30Wednesday Morning4$15September 15, 2021
Wed3:00SchoolMasters3$15September 15, 2021
Fri9:30We Have Fun4$14September 10, 2021
Sun6:15Sunday Night Social4$17September 12, 2021
Mon6:00Valley Home Comfort3 or 4$20September 2021
Tue6:30Pine Point Social – Fall Session4$20January 11, 2022
Wed6:00Catholic Ladies4$14October 2021
Wed6:30Wednesday Mixed4$17September 8, 2021
Thu6:30Dukes and Dames4$17September 16, 2021
Fri6:30Dusty4$20September 17, 2021